Catering Menu

Minimum 12 people, please contact us with at least a week’s notice to prepare your order to

NB: Catering must be paid for in advance to secure the booking. Cancellations made two weeks or more in advance will receive half their money back. Cancelations within a week will not be refunded. Attempting to book catering within two weeks requires payment within 48 hours.

Tier 1
£6 per head

To choose:
Chef’s Choice of Curry
(flexible to your dietary requirements)


Three Bean Chilli

both curry and chilli are served with steamed Basmati rice and/or proper skin-on chips


Tier 2
£9 per head

Proper Skin-on Chips

To choose:
Batata Harra Mezzelune Flatbread Wrap –
Lebanese spiced potatoes with served with tahini sauce, sriracha and pickles(gluten, mustard, sesame seeds side sauce: soy, mustard
Falafel Mezzelune Flatbread Wrap
– homemade falafels, hummus, salad and pickles with tahini sauce and sriracha (gluten; side sauce: soy, mustard)
Small Buddha Bowl with either Batata Harra or Falafel Portions
(gluten-free option)

Tier 3
£12 per head

To choose:
Banana Blossom Fish and Chips
(gluten-free option) 
Dirty Kebab Burger
(gluten-free burger option available upon request) and Proper Skin-on Chips (gluten, soy, mustard)

Brownie served with vanilla ice-cream (gluten-free option available)