Valentine’s Day at the Warehouse Cafe




Smoked tomato and lovage soup served with crusty bread (v) (gfo) ~ £4.95

Tasting Mezze : red pepper hummus, spinach hummus, green olive tapenade, crudités & crostini bread (v) (gf0) ~ £5.50

Tempura vegetables with teryaki and sweet chilli sauce (v) (soy) ~ £5.50




Sea veg platter : celeriac “scallops”, yuba & veg “prawns”, battered oyster mushroom with homemade tartar, ketchup and mayo dips (v) (gf) ~ £13.95

Multigrain pink risotto with beetroot (v) (gf) ~ £11.95

Valentine’s Burger with ackee hollandaise and roasted asparagus. Served with fries and salad (v) (gfo) ~ £11.50




Dark chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped cream and amaretti (v) (soy) (NUTS!) ~ £5.50

Banana, avocado and cocoa mousse with sweet chilli compote (v) (gf) ~ £4.50

Fresh fruit tart with custard (v) (soy) ~ £4.95


Have three courses for two people and enjoy a bottle of prosecco for £12