(NB the cafe is currently closed but as Birmingham Friends of the Earth are currently tendering for a new operator the info below may be of interest!)

54-57 Allison Street has played host to a vegetarian restaurant for over 30 years – from humble beginnings as a soup kitchen, through Molly’s successful stint as The Amazon Café in the 80s and 90s, to our offering today.  We’re proud of where we’ve grown from, and happy to continue sharing our home (and many of our values) with Birmingham Friends of the Earth.

The Warehouse Café is unique in the city in more than one way.  Tucked away between Moor Street Station and the Bullring shopping centre, and old industrial Digbeth – we are part of both new and old Birmingham. Our premises has recently moved from the first-floor of a converted warehouse, to the ground floor, giving us disabled access for the first time as well as a larger seating area and kitchen.  This will enable us to expand our hosting capabilities as well as offer some interesting community outreach opportunities.  The new restaurant is an exciting prospect, combining our great new space with all the quirks one would expect with a period building, and our menu is a blend of British comfort food at its best, and innovative contemporary international flavours.

We believe we are unique in our complete commitment to sustainability and our values.  We recycle everything that we use, use bicycle courier (or foot) for the majority of our fresh produce and buy organic & fair-trade whenever we can. Our menus are inspired by seasonal british fruit and veg, and in an effort to be as local as we can – we are now piloting a scheme to use allotment produce gifted by friends and supporters.  This gives us direct control and transparency over our supply chain, and means we can often get fresh produce from earth to kitchen within an hour of harvesting — because that’s what we think fresh should mean.

At the heart of all that we do is a genuine and robust enthusiasm for what we do, a passion for brilliant, unpretentious food and a healthy sense of humour.  We sincerely hope you enjoy our unique slice of dining and look forward to serving you.